Lumia Science Therapy

The MegaBodyLight™

The MegaBodyLight™ MARK 7 projects light directly onto the body according to the physiological coordinates of Darius Dinshah.

Each “powerhead” produces super bright white light and then passes through a carefully selected Dinshah color filter(s).

Each color filter follows their own specific nanometer ratings in accordance with Rosco Laboratories.

The MegaBodyLight™ MARK 7 hangs from your massage or quiet room ceiling. The MegaBodyLight™ MARK 7 projects a beam of precise color at each your body’s seven Chakra Centers simultaneously and can be effective during a Massage Therapy or by itself during an intensive Lumia Therapy session.


Clinical tests have shown that using the MegaBodyLight™ MARK 7:

  1. Helps to normalize blood pressure
  2. Regulates a strong slow pulse
  3. Facilitates deep slow breathing

The MegaBodyLight™ is available for sale through Rise en Shine Healing Centre. Please contact us for more information on how you can purchase the MegaBodyLight™.

Lumia Science Therapy Training

Rise en Shine Healing Centre also offers training in Lumia Science Therapy. Feebee Newlands is the Lumia Colour and Light certified trainer for New Zealand and Australia.

Just imagine what your were thinking when you first discovered you wanted to know all about colour and light therapy.  Now imagine how it was for you when you discovered you wanted to offer colour and light therapy to others.

    • $365 for one person and discount for up to three people (phone to discuss if more than one person)
    • Training can be face to face in Christchurch or over three Skype sessions
    • You will learn how to treat someone with Lumia Science Therapy
    • There is also a test involved as well as a comprehensive manual

certifiedtherapist_BannerAt the conclusion of training, you will become a Certified Lumia Techniques Therapist.

Contact us now for more information